View on my home town

1 04 2007

[Stadtnamen hier einsetzen]

Sweet green grass on which I lie,
happy birds there crossing high,
watching clouds in a deep blue sky,
wish this moment might never die.

Nothing that the wind could blow,
from what I need and what I like,
no where else I wanna go,
love these things from which I write.

Bright rooftops sparkling to the eyes of mine,
beauty of the fields on which the sun does shine,
this view will dry now all my tears,
this city is taking all my fears.

Ich würde gerne ...


3 Antworten to “View on my home town”

3 04 2007
moi-même (22:52:01) :


4 04 2007
plasmaoxyd (12:59:52) :


15 04 2007
Nick (17:58:57) :

Naja es ist mehr so [random Ort dieser Welt hier einsetzen] …

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